Saturday, 25 February 2017

Rainbow 10 Facts

And that is OK. So they say.

Actually, chances are you may find today pretty awful and all. If you see awful, that is. 

Or if you get all prickly and scrunchy-in-the-face about things. 

Look for rainbows, I say. 

Or maybe just for new pens that can color some rainbows. Good compromise. 

I listed a new banner in my TpT store that will help you see rainbows in your classroom. 

And consolidate 'friends of ten'. 

There are all sorts of goodies in this packet. A backline version, as well as colored. 

Blank rainbow pennants. Yippee! You could make 'friends of 925' with those! If you are so inclined. 

AND a printable backline student pennant. Your sweeties can color their own rainbow with appropriately numbered sections to represent the addition-fact-combinations. 

It is on sale this weekend, in my TpT store! 

Thanks so much for stopping by - you are awesome!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Word Families

I love making learning fun and some simple carefully designed, engaging worksheets can achieve just that! 

A few years ago I shared a cat themed 'at' page for the 'at' word family, on a blog post  HERE
I had a few requests for more to cover other word families. It has been on my to-do list for a while, but is finally finished!

You can integrate these into your existing programs and use them for an eye-catching classroom display or class made book!

31 word families are included:

- ab (cab)

- ad (pad)
- ag (bag)
- am (jam)
- an (van)
- ap (cap)
- at (cat)
- ax (fax)
- ib (bib)
- id (kid)
- ig (pig)
- in (bin)
- ip (lip)
- it (kit)
- ix (six)
- ob (cob)
- od (pod)
- og (dog)
- op (top)
- ot (pot)
- ox (fix)
- ub (tub)
- ug (jug)
- ud (mud)
- um (gum)
- un (sun)
- ut (hut)
- ed (bed)
- eg (leg)
- en (hen)
- et (net) 

Download the free 'Cat - at' page HERE to try and head over to TpT to find the packet on sale today!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Free Bunny Coloring Page

You may have followed my sketching today through my instagram story

Here is the printable I made, so you can get your sweeties to color or paint their own bunny.

Click on the image below to find it in Google Drive!